Food for Thought

There was a time when propaganda films were known for what they were. For example, during World War II Hollywood studios actively helped in the war effort. The most famous of these films was Frank Capra’s “WHY WE FIGHT”, a collection of informational films designed to explain what the war was about. Lesser known were Walt Disney’s animated films. The following is an example.

When you watch this film you are struck at how good the animation is and how the simplest of societal roles are magnified for purpose.

Today, the role of propaganda films have been taken over by documentaries. In essence, film makers make films that do little but preach to the choir. They aren’t documentaries in the sense that they are giving a fair and balanced approach to the topic. On the right or the left, the films are usually calls to action. We are spending less time looking at problems and more time yelling at each other. Documentaries, like the political process itself, has become coarse.


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