Tricoder Contest

science fiction, tricoder, star trek, x projectLet the “Star Trek” references are abound.

Going where no hand held device has gone before. Spock will find this logical. Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a smart phone maker. You can now insert your snarkism here, but this is a case, once again, where science fiction is leading the way.

Qualcomm and the X-Prize Foundation have announced a $10 million contest. The goal? To make a ‘tricoder’ like the ones seen in the Star Trek franchise. Ostensibly they are looking for a hand held medical device that can, and we quote form the press release, “diagnose patients better than or equal to board certified physicians.” They also hope it would “quickly and effectively asses health questions and determine if ‚Ķprofessional help” is needed.

We expect this will not be like the Mego Toy that came out in 1976. In case you forgot or weren’t born then, here is a link to a TV ad for that ‘must have’ bauble. MEGO TV AD

Details for the contest have not be announced, but will be soon. The official launch of the contest will be sometime this year.

Live long & prosper.


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