SAG Awards & The Oscars

On Sunday night the Screen Actors Awards were given out. The winners tell us much about the upcoming Oscars. Here’s my take.most of the Academy acting members are also SAG members, we are left with a basic fact. The SAG awards have

SAG is comprised of 120,000 actors. The Academy, you know those folks who vote for the Oscar, nearly 1200 of its 5700 member made up of actors. Now factor in that become on of the more reliable bell weather for predicting Oscar acting winners, especially since they happen before Hollywood’s biggest night. This is true despite the fact that SAG has only been giving out awards since 1995.

The winner’s at the SAG awards were Jean Dujardin for Best Actor (The Artist), Viola Davis for Best Actress (The Help), Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress (The Help)and Christopher Plummer as Best Supporting Actor (Beginners). Make no mistake about. These are the Oscar front runners as of right now. Don’t get swayed by any political spin you may hear or even feel. If you’re looking to win your office Oscar pool, write these names on the ballot.

The winds change and shift in Hollywood all the time, but if the voting were taking place today, that would be your best bet for your office pool. Oh yeah, final ballots for the Oscars will be mailed out tomorrow. As the bad comic once said, “Timing is everything.”

Stay tuned, I’ll be yakking up the Oscars and how to win your Oscar pool until red carpet time.


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