Chronicle Viral Stunt

OK, I want one, or maybe even two.

The movie “Chronicle” is coming out and as a publicity/viral stunt, a company called Thinkmodo developed these small machine powered kites shaped like humans. The idea was to create viral sensation. They did.

The film tells the story about some high school students who discover they have superpowers, including the ability to fly. Like most teenagers, they don’t know much so they get into trouble with their new found strengths. We’ll see how the film does, but if, in the parlance of Hollywood spin meisters, over performs, we can expect more ‘stunts’ like this.

Anyway to promote the film Thinkmodo made these man/kites and film them. They are made of a high tech material made up of carbon/dacron fiber. They are six feet in length, but weigh a measly 4 pounds. It took several flights of the men/kites to get the footage they wanted, but with over 1.5 million YouTube hits, someone will be getting a bonus.


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