The Muppets BItch Slap Fox News

You know our culture is in deep trouble when The Muppets bitch slap Fox News.

As is it’s wont, Fox News is always looking for ways to stir up controversy. Apparently it justifies their existence and brings the less than discriminating audience to their TV screens. Recently one of their minions, Eric Bolling, slammed the hand held nerfballs for making an oil executive the ‘meanie’ in their film. The ripple was felt. So much so, that Kermit and Miss Piggy responded at the London opening of the film. Here is a clip of that video.

It all started this past December when Bolling, in a Fox Business Network report, questioned whether the Jim Henson creations were brainwashing children with their liberal agenda. Oil executives are bad. Why can’t they be portrayed more gently?

Kermit & Miss Piggy, simply and eloquently, took them to task. It’s great when real puppets slap back at the puppets driving the Fox story line.


3 thoughts on “The Muppets BItch Slap Fox News

  1. did howdy doodee ever say “let’s get those commies buffalo bob”? did mr. moose ever say “i like ike”? identifying a brand (muppets) with a politcal wing is a fiscal mistake and something that jim henson may he R.I.P. would never do. i am opposed to having a puppet tell an impressionable 5 year old that fox news is not news.

    • And let’s not forget, Fox News has labeled the national healthcare ObamaCare (a pejorative term designed by a conservative think tank), recently had a report on “Obama’s State of the Union cliches’ and offers opinions, not news, in most of their programming (they’re assertion, not mine). Fox News is fair game for anyone to assert they are less news than an opinion/conservative station. As far as your Howdy Dowdy and Rocky & Bullwinkle analogies, well, let’s just say they were subversive and opinionated as anything. It just takes a keen mind to see where.

      • First of all, mr. moose is not bullwinkle
        i’m to dumb to see the subversiveness of rocky and bullwinkle?? hoo boy! the knee jerk reaction of a liberal would be that boris badinof is a russian agent and that the show is anti communist. boris and natasha were beholden to fearless leader (a thinly vailed parody of adolph eichman or some other at large nazi war criminal). fearless leader has no political affiliation but rather operates an international crime and extortion syndicate. as cover he utilizes the sovereignty of a small eastern european nation called pottsylvania and is proclaimed as the head of state. fearless leader is in fact beholden to another megalomaniacal shadowy figure who is referred to only as Mr.Big. the show takes swipes at the u.s. military establishment. (captain peachfuzz) and at federal law enforcement agencies.

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