Hugo versus The Artist

When it comes to Oscar time, the voters are often swayed by the cultural winds blowing across the country. When you look across the winners of past years, you wonder, “What the heck were they thinking?”. Then you look at those that either lost or weren’t even nominated, and you wonder, “How could they miss such a classic?”
This year, Martin Scorcese’s HUGO will get slighted as THE ARTIST steals its thunder.
Here is a clip The Hollywood Reporter talked to Scorcese about his film.

So when the dust truly settles on this year’s Oscars, will THE ARTIST remain a triumph of nostalgia or be remembered like Roberto Begnini’s films – a well intentioned embarrassment? Or will HUGO find a more lasting fame as more than nostalgia, but a classic for the time?

I like THE ARTIST and enjoyed watching it. The homage to the silents was appreciated, but in terms of being a better film, HUGO wins. HUGO explores our past by showing how we forget it, then find it again. It is a more hopeful, more human film.


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