Cheating On Your Oscar Vote

You know what the biggest thing to remember when your filling out your Oscar pool ballot? Not who won the SAG Award or the PGA Award. Not the latest buzz emanating from the gossip columnists or these insipid TV shows.

No, the most important thing to remember is who is doing the voting.

Don’t think for one minute that the Academy voters reflect the general US population. In fact, they don’t even represent the movie going public. The nearly 5800 member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science are professionals in the business. To get into the Academy they need to be nominated and then go through a relatively rigorous vetting process. Oh yeah, once they are in, they are in for life.

The result is an electorate that is ensconced within the industry and older, much older.

The demographic looks like this.

94% of the Academy is white. 77% of them are male. And the average age is 62. With numbers like these they are hardly adventurous or tuned in what is happening within minority groups or trends within the culture. This helps explain why Social Network lost out to the rather prosaic, but well acted The King’s Speech last year.

So when you vote for this year’s winner, remember, vote like a 62 year, white male. Your chances of winning the pool have just improved.


One thought on “Cheating On Your Oscar Vote

  1. i bet a large contingent of the academy were offended by george clooney’s acceptance speech at the goleden globe awards. the first person that he thanked was his PACKAGE DOUBLE!?! he didn’t stop there. he then praised his package doubles ability to play golf with both hands tied behind his back. immediately afterward he stares briefly into the camera and looks like a man who just realized that what he just said would probably cost him the oscar win. i hope gary oldman wins. or brad pitt. both are deserving for their career as well as this years performance.

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