The Final Sequence or Where’s My Barf Bag

One of the most disgusting, yet amusing horror series over the past several years has been ‘The Human Centipede’. Directed by Tom Six, the series is alternatively extremely gross, but sensibility that provoked laughter.

Now director/writer Six has announced a third installment. Asserting that this will be final installment. Mr. Six avers it will be “100% politically incorrect”. We can only hope so. Filming for ‘The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence’ will begin somewhere in the the American south this summer for release in 2013.

And the news gets better, at least for those who are adherents to the ‘centipede’ universe’. Deiter Laser, the mad German scientist who created the first human centipede, is returning. Yes, my squeamishly delighted ones, Dr. Heiter is making a return. And for those who enjoyed #2, Full Sequence, Laurence R. Harvey who played Martin is also coming back for a reprise.

Director Tom Six insists there will be no more installments of ‘The Human Centipede’. Perhaps as a coda, he has even written small role for himself in the film. No word on the plot, but I think we all can agree, it will be deliciously flawed, gross and worthy of discussion or at least being disgusted by it.


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