Hitchcock Re-Boot

You know how Hollywood gets a ‘jones’ for a particular project or idea? How many times have we seen competing movies on the same subject come out within weeks of each other? Right now it seems to by Snow White. There’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and “Snow White & the Huntsman’. We’ll see how that works out.

Another new Hollywood obsession is Alfred Hitchcock. The oportly old time master of suspense is getting the Hollywood ‘love treatment. Not sure why, perhaps, it yet another example of a paucity of original thought.

First there is a BBC show about Hitchcock’s obsession with Tippi Hendren starring Toby Jones. Then there is ‘Alfred Hitchcock & The Making of Psycho’ being readied to hit the megaplex screens later in 2012. The later is expected to have Anthony Hopkins star as the dark lord of cinema.

Now two classic Hitchcock films are being readied for re-booting. ‘Suspicion’ and ‘Rebecca’ are slated to be updated or butchered, depending on your point of view.

Both are based on novels. ‘Rebecca’ was written by Daphne De Maurier while ‘Suspicion’ was based on ‘Before the Fact’ by Francis Iles. In the later, Hitchcock changed the ending to a more audience friendly one.

We’ll keep a close eye on how these projects develop, but for right now, it’s time for my evening milk. Could you bring it to me?

Oh yeah, in the clip from ‘Suspicion’, that’s Bernard Herrmann’s music.


One thought on “Hitchcock Re-Boot

  1. need i remind you of the ill fated remake of psycho. vince vaughn was norman bates (if you can beloeve it). bill macy and what’s her name ellen degeneres’s ex girlfriend. it was a shot for shot word for word remake. it was a total bellyflop.

    also that was the music from “Vertigo”

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