Tom Sawyer Re-Booted

Hollywood goes through phases.

Take a topic, any topic. Toss into the mix and all of sudden Hollywood gets ‘jones’ for it. It should come as no surprise the people with the film making money like projects that have built in audiences. THE HUNGER GAMES sold 25 million books, that’ll make a good movie. Children have been playing BATTLESHIP for years, that’ll make a good movie. Abraham Lincoln is our most popular President of all time, that’ll make a good movie. Everyone knows a zombie (just look to your co-worker on your right), that’ll make a good movie. Sexy young vampires who can’t make love to their pouty human counterparts, that’ll make a good movie.

You know what else will make a good movie? Take anything previously mentioned and combine it with something else previously mentioned. Ta-da, ABE LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER. Yes, Virginia, it was a book and it will be coming to a theater near you.

With its creation and with Hollywood’s predilection towards copying itself to the point of no box office, is it any wonder that there is a new Tom Sawyer film in the works. One of the lesser Mark Twain works, Tom Sawyer has remained a classic in children’s literature. But the story of a young scamp in early America just won’t play in our SFX driven world of film. No, Tom Sawyer needs an update, a re-boot.

Enter, TOM SAWYER, GHOST HUNTER. Yes, the venerable straw hatted tween is getting his latest Hollywood close-up and, as the press release so euphemistically says, with ‘supernatural elements’. The early script is being developed by some of the same folks that were behind RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, OBLIVION and (sadly) THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE.

I also suspect that one of the reasons this film is getting made is that the source material’s original author is dead. They don’t have to worry about buying the book from him or paying him any of those pesky royalties.

Hey, that could be the plot. Young Tom Sawyer can channel ghosts. He is contacted by the ghost of Samuel Clemens who is angry about a film being made about his characters without permission. He’s going to destroy the world unless he finds satisfaction. Young Tom, with the assistance of Becky (played by Dakota Fanning wannabe) battle evil spirits and set the world right for greedy producers everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Tom Sawyer Re-Booted

  1. He might have hated it but if he needed the money he might have written it. Remember he wrote a sequel when he needed the money turning his character into a ddetective of sorts, which explained his appearance in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie.

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