“Rear Window” Revealed

Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW is one of the classics. The story about a wheel chair bound photographer looking out into the courtyard of his urban dwelling and what he sees is great cinema.

Jimmy Stewart plays the photog while a very beautiful Grace Kelly plays his gutsy, faithful girlfriend. I have always had a small problem with her role. What the heck is she doing with a man many years her senior? She cold do so much better.

But that’s not what this is about. What this is about is Jeff Descom. Jeff using Photoshop’s After Effects painstakingly recreate a time lapsed full screen version of what Hitchcock revealed looking out the rear window of Stewart’s apartment.

Watch it and marvel at Descom’s talents and, more importantly, the talents of Alfred Hitchcock who once stated that presentation was more important that content. Perhaps he is right. Now the question is, will Descom’s idea start a trend that other Hollywood classics get a similar treatment?


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