The Movie Inside a Movie

The lights dim. The light on the screen reveals a series of images. It is the opening o f the film. It is the opening credits. Watching the opening credits gives you a glimpse of what is to come. A well done intro says that the rest of the film will offer something. Opening credits welcome you to a movie. It is a movie within a movie.


The following short clip is by PBS Off Book and features conversations with Peter Frankfurt and Karin Fong from Imaginary Forces, Ben Conrad from Logan and Jim Helton of Blue Valentine. This is less than dipping your toe into the topic, but it is strong enough to make any film lover appreciate the work and creativity being done.

A great resource for fans of opening sequences is Art of the, which bills itself as “The leading online resource of film, television, conference, and video game title sequence design from around the world.”

Watch the clip, mull it over and then share what opening sequences stick in your cinematic memory banks.


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