Oops, Wrong Again, Maybe

OK I was wrong. It happens, seldom, but it does happen. I make mistakes. Although I am less  willing to admit it. Just ask the ex-wives (yes, plural). Now what was I wrong about this time, Channing Tatum. The good looking star of such classics like “Step Up 2: The Streets” and “GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” seemed as if he was like his films, a title with a colon – Channing Tatum: Hunk Who Was Doing Everything He Could to be Famous. Oy, another empty mind wrapped in a fine pair of genes.

Then I saw ’21 Jump Street’ and saw a glimmer of self-deprecating humor. Then I started reading about him and something dawned on me. This guy may be something I hadn’t realized- a smart, street savvy kid.

His latest film is ‘Magic Mike’, a comedy/romance about the world of male strippers. It is being directed by Stephen Soderberg, which in itself makes it something to have on your radar. Yet when I took a closer look at the film, I learned it was partially based on Tatum’s years as a male stripper. (huh?) and that he was the producer. Whoa. Either this guy is a media slut, er, savvy, like those Kardashian sisters or he’s really smart. I am hoping that it is the latter. I do like it when I am wrong, and it would be nice to see a new, powerful male actor emerge especially one who knows how smart it is to make fun of oneself.

‘Magic Mike’ could be the proof. If the film is smart, makes enough money and shows Tatum having more range than seen in some of his earlier films, he may be one of the big surprise of the 2012 summer films. Tatum is someone to watch and if he is, I was wrong.


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