Mr Peabody & Sherman

In Hollywood’s never ending quest of going back in time to find something that will make lots of money, a new project that taps boomer humor and young’uns sensibilities is a new 3D cartoon. It is currently in early production with an expected early 2014 release. It is an animated updating of MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN. Peabody is the smartest critter in the world, a dog, while Sherman is his ‘pet’ boy. Together they have adventures by traveling through time in the WABAC machine.

Here is an old cartoon to whet your appetite.


Did you notice how the cartoon proved the fundamentalist Christina theory that man and dinosaurs inhabited the Earth at the same time? Now all I have to do is wait until some undereducated boob accuses me of being politically incorrect or even worse, a liberal.

Oh yeah, I am expecting Hollywood to hire bad writers, create a 90 minute film with tie-ins to some bad for you fast food restaurant, make the film in 3D and charge $14 per ticket. Then they will wonder why it tanked at the box office.

What we need is Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine to find some good studio executives. 1939 was a good year. Can we go now?